HUNERKADA was founded in 1992 in Islamabad as a non-government and not-for-profit College with a committed program of propagating and promoting Visual and Performing Arts. It offers a four-year Degree program in Fine Arts and Design in affiliation with the University of Baluchistan. Hunerkada also has a masters program in process with the said university. HUNERKADA has a branch in Lahore as part of its policy of establishing campuses in all major cities including Quetta, Peshawar and Swat.

Hunerkada has a board of Governors comprising leading, professionals and intellectuals from different walks of life including visual and performing Arts; it has a highly qualified faculty and a capable administration. The college plans to build its main campus on a beautiful location in Islamabad which will have the capacity to accommodate, a sizable student body along with a hostel, faculty quarters and accommodation for foreign scholars/students wishing to study or conducting research in oriental/ Asian Arts, crafts and Music of this region.


HUNERKADA is a response to the necessity that has always played a very significant part in the development of man and his milieu. It has been one of the most effective and harmless means of communication through out the history of mankind by being a catalyst in making people aware of their situations and surroundings, encouraging them to become partners in the process of change.

Ours fortunately is a land that can boast of being one of the oldest, and the most enviable cultural heritage in the world. The same proud resources, ironically, have also been a victim of the worst form of neglect due to lack of vision and responsibility on the part of apathetic decision-makers responsible for creating an almost un-bridgeable abyss between our proud past and not so happy present.

Hunerkada, therefore is also an initiative by a group of concerned professionals aiming to bridge this seemingly infinite divide between our misdirected potential and the damage that has been done so far.

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