About us


Hunerkada is a project of The Artistís Guild of Pakistan. It is registered under registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860 vide Registration No.RS/ICT/167 of 1991.

HUNERKADA is registered as a non-governmental and non-profitable Arts and Cultural Educational Institution. It is purely dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture. HUNERKADA has no political or religious motives but believe in imparting an artsí education that is mindful of the socio-political context and becomes a means for social changes. It is therefore also an initiative taken by a group of concerned and committed professionals, aiming to address and bridge the seemingly infinite divide between our misdirected potential and the damages that have been done so far.


Fortunately, our land can boast of being the oldest and most privileged cultural heritage in the world which, ironically has also been a victim of the worst form of negligence due to lack of vision. This neglect is also responsible for creating an almost unbridgeable abyss between our proud past and not so happy present. Hunerkada is also an initiative by a group of concerned professionals, aiming to tap our misdirected potential and cure the damage that has been done so far.

Hunerkada is a response to the necessity that has pivotal role in the development of human and its society. Art has been one of the most effective and harmless means of communication throughout history. Hunerkada, by being a catalyst in making its students aware of their situations encourages them to become partners in the process of change.

Hunerkada was founded in 1992, in Islamabad with a committed program of propagating and promoting visual and performing Arts. It is a non-governmental and non-Profitable College and offers a four-year Degree program in Fine Arts and Design in affiliation with the University of Balochistan. Hunerkada also intends launching a Masterís program Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. It has a branch in Lahore as a part of its policy to establish branches in all major cities of Pakistan.

The college is endeavoring to attain a degree-awarding charter as an autonomous institution of visual & performing arts.

The performing arts section at the moment is covered through informal training in theatre, TV production and music with the aim of upgrading it to a formally structured degree-program.

Hunerkada has a board of Governors compromising leading professionals and intellectuals from different walks of life including visual and performing Arts: it has a highly qualified faculty and experienced administration.

The college plans to build its main campus on a beautiful location in Islamabad. This will have the capacity to accommodate a valuable strength of students and faculty members including foreign scholars/ students who wish to study or conduct research in oriental / Asian Arts, crafts and Music.

Hunerkada, despite its limited resources, is committed to the goal of a non-profitable promotion of Arts in a region that desperately needs a revival and continuity of its rich Art traditions. We wish to achieve this by preparing a focused breed of modern Pakistani Artists, who are committed to accept the mammoth task of initiating a contemporary dialogues with the rest of the world.

It is hoped that one day Hunerkada, through sheer hard work and pledge, will become a place where the quality-time spent by a seeker will have precedence over the conventional desire of getting a degree. We, therefore, are committing ourselves to promoting a more professional, potent and progressive out-look towards the discipline of Arts teaching as well as Art making.

Hunerkada also wishes to see all its Hunermands (graduates) to be playing an active part in the process of development and change by lending their energy, clear vision and better decisions at large rather than assisting cosmetic changes desired by the greedy and obsessive market forces.

In short we want to establish a channel of communication which will enable us to explore the hidden treasures within our environment and ourselves by creating beauty, prosperity and peace.

Meet Our Faculty Members & Staff

Complimenting education, trade, industry, art and culture by lending their skills, knowledge, energy and vision to the students and managing change, meet our extremely talented faculty and professional administration.