Graphic designing playing a vital role in the corporate and industrial world today, and its importance will only but increases in the times ahead. It provides students with principal of design & typography to corporate communication, interactive multi-media & publications. Emphasis is on process, analysis & development of creative & challenging solutions thus the students are able to produce complete advertising campaigns.


SEMESTER-IEnglish IPak StudiesHistory of CivilizationsBasics of ComputerDrawing IDrafting I (Manual)   SEMESTER-IVEnglish IVHistory of Design IIGraphic Design IIIPhotography II (Manual)Web Design IDrawing IV (Illustration)Typography  SEMESTER-VIIThesis IMarketing &ManagementCalligraphyInternship                             SEMESTER-IIEnglish IIIslamic StudiesMathematicsGraphic Design IHistory of Asian ArtDrawing IIDrafting II (Computer   SEMESTER-VGraphic Design IVVisual Design & MarketingWeb Design IIPrinting IVideo Graphy I    SEMESTER-VIIIThesis IIResearch Report                                SEMESTER-IIIEnglish IIIHistory of Design ITechnical Drawingon ComputerGraphic Design IIPhotography I (Digital)PsychologyDrawing III (Illustration)  SEMESTER-VIGraphic Design VPacking3D Design/SculpturePrinting IIVideo Graphy IIResearch Methodology  


Textile design is one of the biggest courses designed to equip the students with the knowledge, skill & methodology to function successfully as a designer in the textile industry. Different techniques of textile Designing like screen-printing block printing tie & dye, batik, & weaving in traditional way along with study of Vegetable dyes to enhance awareness of nature & indigenous materials.


SEMESTER-IEnglish (Compulsory)Pak Studies (Compulsory)Intro. to ComputerBasic Drawing IHistory of Art & Culture IShaping IDesign History IDigital Communication I   SEMESTER-IVEnglish(Compulsory)Drawing IVExperimental WeaveTextile Dyeing TechniquePrint Design Studio IIWestern Art I    SEMESTER-VIITextile Marketing &ManagementCraft Documentation/SeminarResearch MethodologyMini Thesis                                     SEMESTER-IIEnglish (Compulsory)Islamic StudiesMathematics(Geometry & Drafting)Basic Drawing IIHistory of Art & Culture IIShaping IIDesign History IIDigital Communication II  SEMESTER-VDrawing VTextile CAD3D Fabric RenderingTechniquesWeave Design IHistory CostumesPrint Design Studio II   SEMESTER-VIIITextile Final ThesisResearch Report Writing-                                      SEMESTER-IIIEnglish(Compulsory)Psychology (Compulsory)Drawing IIITextile Design BasicHistory of Asian ArtMaterial & Model     SEMESTER-VIFashion IllustrationWeave Design IIPhotographyProduct DesignTextile EmbellishmentInternship


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