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The students learn the principle of pictorial composition and are guided towards self-expression & communication through visual Arts. A sense of acute perception is developed through painting from observation. Exercises are carried out with focus on color in nature, landscape still life compositions & portraiture. which include etching, woodcut and lino cut. There is an emphasis on the command of technical skill. The proficient use of diverse media enables students approach to there work and helps to develop personal artistic language.



‚ÄčSEMESTER-IEnglish IPak StudiesMathPsychology/Environment StudiesDrawing IDesign of Design SEMESTER-IIEnglish IIIslamic StudiesComputer SkillsHistory of Civilizations &CulturesDrawing IIPainting I SEMESTER-IIIEnglish IIIHistory of Western Art IMiniature(Practical & Theory)Drawing IIIPainting IISculpture                         SEMESTER-IVHistory of Western Art IIEnglish IVArt CriticismDrawing IVPrint MakingSculpture II SEMESTER-VHistory of Modern ArtDrawing V*Major I: (Painting/Sculpture/Miniature/Print Making)**Minor I: (Mural Art/Ceramics/Naqashi/AdvanceTechnique of Print Making)Art CriticismCalligraphy* Students are Allowed to Select one Subject from Major.**Students who will select BMAJ-310 as Major will take 304 as Minor Respectively.                                                        SEMESTER-VI History of Islamic ArtPhotographyConceptual ArtMajor: (Painting/Sculpture/Miniature/Print Making)Drawing VIMinor II SEMESTER-VIIThesis IMinor IIIDigital ArtDrawing VIIHistory of Asian/Pakistani Artist SEMESTER-VIIIArt PresentationThesis PracticalResearch Report  

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