This is an introductory course towards understanding of fashion drawing, which further proceeds in understanding of variety of silhouettes. Students will learn the contemporary poses and characteristics of fashion figure in fashion industry and media. Students will be getting familiar with the basic concepts of research board, mood board and fashion rendering.


Duration: -  ONE YEAR

Class Timings: -  (Four days a week)

Admission Criteria: - Through out the year (Individual basis)



Mudule-1           (16 weeks)

Subject 1: Fashion Drawing Basics

Introduction to Fashion

Free hand drawing, line, curve, geometrical, floral, Tints and shades

9 heads theory

Blocks with proportions

Face, Eyes and Lips

Muscular Detail of Body

Research Designs and development of figure drawing with Dress

How to Draw Fabric on Figure

Introduction to Colors on Dress up Figure Drawing

Tracing method on Fashion drawing by using positive and negative phenomenon.

Understanding of Textures on fashion drawing

Understanding of motifs on fashion figure

Understanding of color forecast

Research on Fashion Illustrator

Research on Fashion Designer

Making a Fashion Collection.


Subject 2: Pattern Drafting

Introduction to Pattern and Drafting in Fashion

Introduction to Materials in Pattern Drafting with Centralization

Introduction to technical languages and terms of Fashion by visual learning

Pattern of Cuff, Cutting of a pattern of cuff Pattern hard sheet

One Piece Collar

Ban Collar

Mandarin Collar

Two Piece Collar


Basic Bodice Block

Basic Skirt Block

Basic Sleeve Block

Pleated Skirt

Dart Shifting of Bodice Block

Princess Panel Shirt


File Submission with Construction



Subject 1: Research. And Development in Fashion Design

Understanding and Practicing of Research in Fashion

Visual Images and textual research

Design process and design application steps

Cutline of Dresses and Silhouettes

Necklines, Collars, Skirts, Pants, Pockets

Accessories and further Stitching Details, Shoes

Research Board

MOOD board

Trend Forecast Board and Color Chosen for a Collection

Illustrator, illustrations Quick sketching

Submission of files and reports


Subject 2: Draping

Introduction to Draping





Circular Umbrella Skirt

Jacket with shawl collar

Long Jacket with slits and belt

Maxi silk gown



MODULE -3        (12 Weeks)

Subject 1: Fashion Design Application

Understanding of Fabrics and its processing

Historical References for Fashion Collection

Art Movements for Fashion

Themes and Inspirations for Fashion Collection

Cultures and Architecture of different regions

Market surveys for Fabrication

Subject 2: Textile Design Products

Subject 3 : Sewing Fashion Collection


MODULE 4         (8 Weeks)

Final Project





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