The photography area within Media Arts is an internationally renowned, progressive, future-oriented and coordinated graduate and undergraduate program that emphasizes the development of creative work, experimental research and teaching. The area conducts a rigorous investigation into the nature and meaning of photographic representation and its role in contemporary cultural discourse. Students are expected to demonstrate commitment to expressive inquiry, maturity of vision and take responsibility for their professional development as artists. There is a strong emphasis on cross disciplinary exploration.

The area provides a thorough grounding in traditional media as well as am opportunities to explore new media forms and techniques in conjunction with historical photographic processes. Interaction with other areas in the department and across the campus promotes interdisciplinary studies. There is a broad and progressive approach to the practice and definition of photography, encouraging students to question and expand the boundaries of the medium.

Courses in all aspects of photography, alternative processes, video, digital media, Internet art installation and performance, bookmaking, desktop and online publishing, and new media theory are available to optimize personal growth, skills acquisition, and creative expression.




Weak 1

Introduction to Digital Photography

• Point & Shoot / DSLR Cameras

• Types of Lenses& Focal Length

• Lens Choice

• Digital Formats

• Camera Controls


• Shutter Speed

• Arerture


• White Balance

• Color Temperature


• Perspective

• Rule of third

• Creative Lines

• Depth of Field


Weak 2


• Characteristics of Light

• Daylight

• Ambient light

• Flash light

• Strobe light

Indoor Photography

• Studio Control

• Light and Shade

• Portrait

• Fashion

• Wedding

• Family

• Groups


Weak 3

Outdoor Photography

• Travel  & Street  photography

• Landscape

• Night Photography

• Macro photography


Weak 4

Post Processing

• Photoshop

• Raw Conversion

• Composition

• Layers


• Panorama

• Background Change

• Black & White

• Copyrights


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