The course aims to provide a Textile designer a clear perspective on creativity and its application in innovative textile design. This Textile programme is unique in providing professionally qualified Textile Designers for the Fashion, Interior and automotive industries. It is a programme that encourages creativity combined with the technical knowledge for translating textile concepts into marketable products. A successful Textile Designer needs creative ingenuity, design world knowledge and confident technical skills. This course helps design professionals to deepen skills and experience with in the Textile industry through the support of leading international contemporary designers and academics. Different techniques of textile designing like screen-printing block printing tie & dye & weaving encourages and strengthen the skill of artist to do work professionally.


Duration: -  ONE YEAR

Class Timings: -  (Four days a week)

Admission Criteria: - Through out the year (Individual basis)


Module 1                                                                                             3 months

1-Color theory             (2 weeks)

Color wheel

• Tints

• Shades

2-Research board (2 weeks)

3-Mood board          (2 weeks)

4-Story board           (2 weeks)

5-Window design (derived from story board)   (2 weeks)

6-Motif development     (2 weeks)

• Simplify to exaggerated motifs

• Exaggerated to simplify motifs


Module 2                                                                                            3-6 months

7-Design makings   (1 week)

8-Design repeats    (3 weeks)

• Block repeat

• Mirror repeat

• Half drop repeat

9-Collage work        (2 weeks)

• Paper collage

• Fabric collage


10-Off loom               (4 weeks)

• Fabric

• Thread

• Wood

11-Glass paint       (2 weeks)


Module 3                                                                                           6-9 months

12-Tie & dye           (2 weeks)


13-Shabori              (2 weeks)

14-Block print       (3 weeks)

15-Fabric paint     (2 weeks)

16-Silk paint           (2 weeks)


Module 4                                                                                          9-12 months

17-Open screen printing                                                          (2 weeks)

18-Rug making                                                                              (3 weeks)

19-Botanical arrangement                                                    (4 weeks)

• Flower making

• Wall hanging

• Mirror design

• Vase design

20-Screen printing                                                                     (3 weeks)


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