Bachelors of Fine Arts - BFA


Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) - Course Description

Hunerkada offers 4-year degree programs in Fine Arts, which includes design courses as well. Our Fine Arts degree is affiliated with the University of Balochistan hence, it is regulated by the UOB academic calendar followed by academic/examinations’ rules and regulations of UOB.

Hunerkada also offers its own certification programs in Design and follows its own schedule. The curriculum, however, is common for both courses.

These programs aim to achieve the highest standards in Art Education in order to be in line with the most contemporary approaches towards the disciplines of Arts and Design.

There are a number of ways in which potential for Fine Arts, i.e.; Sculpture, Painting and Printmaking, manifests itself in a student may be an inherent ability to draw, a sense of color, a feeling and capacity for a happy arrangement of images on a canvas. More important is the talent for utilizing them for creative expressions. The zone where the individual taste, tendency and a sort of metaphysical application of talent starts mattering.

The main aim of Fine Arts department is to allow these basic qualities to develop in a student and when it is believed that he / she has grasped the essential principles and has acquired reasonable control over the technical competency needed, then it encourages the budding artist to flourish according to his/her own will. Our effort is to acquaint students with the numerous schools of art, both in the classical and modern traditions as well as making them thoroughly familiar with the tools and crafts of Fine Arts. After this only a gentle help and good guidance from tutors who are experts and masters in their respective fields will enable them to express their creativity through their choices.

The Department is conscious of the fact that art cannot be forced down the throats of students, nor can artists be manufactured. The artist only needs time and encouraging instructions, along with knowledge of the background and history of art, to assert its presence.

Course Highlights

  • 8 Semesters over 4 Years
  • Internationally Acclaimed Faculty
  • Sculpture Making
  • Drafting & Drawing
  • Visual Arts
  • History of Arts

Course curriculum

Semester 1-2: Introduction

Introduction to Drawing, Design, Drafting & Visual Arts
History of Cultures, Social Sciences

Semesters 3-4: Drawing, Miniature Painting

Drawing Sculpture, Painting / Miniature Painting
Print Making, History of Arts

Bachelors of

Fine Arts


Course Code :


Price :

PKR 108,000/Semester

Admission Fees & Security:

PKR 32,000 (One time only)

Duration :

8 Semesters/4Y

Courses :


Balochistan University Degree

During the semester, the course offered to any student will not be changed. Nevertheless, the course in a special case may be changed if the student is willing to pay full course fee.
During the semester, address of any student will not be changed. However, change of address could be considered if there is rational justification based on unavoidable situation.
The examination system for the college shall be the annual system, however internal mid-term exams shall also be conducted.
Each student shall be eligible to appear in the annual examination, if his / her total attendance is not less than 75% of the total lectures delivered and studio sessions during academic year.
There shall be one supplementary examination in theory subject should the student fail in one or more theory papers. There shall be no supplementary examination in practical subjects. The student shall have to repeat the semester if he / she is failed in even one practical. There shall be only one opportunity to clear the repeated year.
Class work in studio subjects will be marked daily and a record kept thereof.
It is the primary obligation of the student to care and keep their equipment in safe custody. The college authorities will not be responsible for any mishap.
Any students involved in ragging (physical or mental torture) shall be liable for disciplinary action to the extent of expulsion from the college.
No student body/association/society shall exist or function in the college without permission of the principle.
Class work in theory subjects will be given in the form of assignments, seminar reports and internal exams. Marks in each subject will be computed as follows:

Practical :
Class work = 50%
Examination = 50%
Class work = 50%
Examination = 50%
Visitors are confined to specific area, allocated by administration.
Access to incoming private calls of students is prohibited except emergencies.

The college provides equal opportunities to men and women. Students seeking admission must be talented and committed. The academic qualification required is the completion of Intermediate or an equivalent level of studies. There is no maximum limit on age. Admission will be based upon aptitude test followed by an interview. The admission Committee will be the sole authority in deciding on admissions and will gauge previous academic work in addition to any earlier involvement with Fine Arts and Design which may merit special consideration. The number of seats is limited.
Applications are welcome, regardless of sex, nationality or handicap. Non-acceptance of a student may result from a number of factors but is not a negative reflection on his / her abilities.
Hunerkada will consider only those students who have qualified the admission test. Their performance in intermediate will not be the only reason for getting admission.
Selection of students for admission will be made on the basis of a test, which includes the following:

Free hand Drawing 50%
English 25%
Interview 25%

Candidates will also be judged by the Admission Committee through a review of their portfolio presented at the interview.

Students seeking admission in courses must apply on the prescribed form available, along with the prospectus, from the registration office of the Hunerkada. Forms, with one latest passport size photograph, accompanied by documents specified below, are submitted before the due date.
List of attested documents:
Certificate and mark sheet issued by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, qualifying the success of the candidates. 6copies
School leaving certificates from institutions previously attended - 6 copies
Latest passport size photograph - 6 copies
Attested photocopy of NIC - 4 copies
N.O.C from Board (Migration Certificate)
A brief bio-data and some reasons the candidate may have for seeking to study Fine Arts, Design.

Hunerkada despite its limited resources has been subsidizing the studies of genuinely deserving students and in order to improve its resource base of this purpose, the college is floating the idea of friends of Hunerkada to encourage resourceful citizens of Pakistan to assist more students by offering scholarships.

It is the responsibility of every student to read and abide by the rules and regulations of Hunerkada. Failure to do so cannot be accepted as a reason for non-compliance.
Tuition Fee and other charges including any fines must be paid by the notified dates. In case of default, students will render themselves liable to the extent of being struck off. Re-admission, if approved by the administration, will be subject to the prevailing rules. The Hunerkada reserves the sole right to amend, alter or otherwise change the curriculum or policy without assigning any reason. Such a change will be notified as soon as incorporated.
All students will purchase their own equipment and materials required for their course / program.
The school Administration will not be responsible for theft or damage to any property. However, to assist the students, lockers will be provided on the premises free of charge. All lockers to be assigned by administration at the time of admission and must be kept clean any tidy at all times. Lockers must be cleared out completely at the end of each session.
Misconduct, misbehavior, disturbance of peace, interference with smooth operations and running of the college shall immediately attract disciplinary action against the concerned student(s).
Regular attendance is necessary for achieving the desired amount of training. Any shortfall can render the students unable to sit for examination.
Students are required to achieve certain minimum grades in the Foundation Course. Unsuccessful candidates will not be allowed to continue their respective degree education at the college. .

Every student expected to fulfill the academic requirements of the college. Minimum passing marks are 50% in respect of each subject.
Incapable of taking any examination or submission of assignments on specified date / time shall be considered as a failure.
Examination shall be held as per schedules announced.
For examinations, no extension will be granted under any circumstances. The same will apply for assignments. Students are expected to be mature. Any unethical behavior or unfair means being exercised by the student(s) during examinations will lead the student(s) liable to strict disciplinary action including immediate termination.
Students who qualify to sit for their examinations must have attended a minimum of 75% of the total lectures / studio sessions in each subject during the semester.

The registered students will be assessed for each course as follows:
Assignments (continues assessment)
Final examination
Workshops (where applicable)
The final grade marking comprises of continuous assessments and final examination which will be calculated in the ratio of 30 : 70
To take final examination, the students must pass their assignments and their participation in the workshops is compulsory.
Grades will be determined as follows:
A+ = Above 80%
A = 70-79%
B = 55-69%
C = 50-55%
Fail = Below 50%
A student who fails in the final examination but achieves a pass grade in the continues assessments will be allowed two chances to re-appear in immediate subsequent examinations on submission of examination dues etc.

Towards the end of each course program, the students will have to appear before a jury and present their presentation based on thesis / research report and major aspects of all the courses in the Fine Arts & Design program to test the knowledge gained during the academic period. .