The college is committed to the goal of not for profit promotion of Art in a region that desperately needs a revival and continuity of its rich Art traditions and  have recently been involved in designing culture curriculum, training modules, lesson plans and training of art teachers and community coordinators for  a land mark project of the revival of local art and culture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with BKTEF. The pioneering pilot project, initially in process in 13 schools of BKTEF, is funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and will be handed over to the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after its successful completion for replication throughout the province.

Since revival of the  Indigenous Cultural narrative of the land (with particular reference to Pakhtun belt), is of prime importance for Hunerkada which is why its board of governors have decided to extend its operation to Pakhtunkhwa by establishing its Swat campus and  offer graduate and post graduate courses in all disciplines of Art and Culture. The institution, in this reference,  formally seek  grant of a degree awarding charter from the provincial assembly as an autonomous institution of excellence for  Art and Culture studies.

 Hunerkada, through sheer hard work and commitment to its lofty ideals, have already  become a place where the quality time spent at by a seeker of knowledge has precedence over the conventional desire of procuring a degree. It  aims to encouraging a potent and progressive out look towards the discipline of Art education as well as Art making. In short, HUNERKADA wants to establish a dialogue, which will enable it to explore the hidden treasures within our environment, and ourselves by creating beauty, prosperity and peace.

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